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Anyone in Recovery Should Look for These Qualities in Friends

Many things change for people in recovery. Before you were in recovery, friendships may have changed. Before deciding to be sober, you may have spent time with friends who liked to drink and use with you. You may not have had deep relationships, just friendships that revolved around bad decisions and too much alcohol or drugs.

Now, friendships may change. Old friends may lose touch. They may fade away because you are not drinking or using makes them feel self-conscious. This loss can be isolating and frustrating. Friends can end up being the support system you need to get through the tough times in recovery. Keep reading to learn about the qualities to look for in a new friend when you are in recovery. 

1. Supports Your Recovery

One of the most important factors in your life is your recovery. The only people in your life right now should be those who support you in your growth. A solid friend will encourage you and not judge your alcohol or drug use. Feeling judgment from someone might mean they are not a good friend for you right now. 

2. Honest Communication

Someone needs to share their love with you freely, honestly, and frequently by regularly opening up to you. They should stick with you through tough times and keep lines of communication open. They need to be someone who can hold you accountable when you are making mistakes, yet points out all your successes. If a relapse occurs for either of you, that may be tough, but you continue to support each other. 

3. Has Similar Interests as You Do

Follow your interests to find people you might like. That doesn’t mean the people you build friendships with have to be in recovery, but sometimes that can help. Joining community sports leagues like baseball or running clubs may help. Church or other community organizations are also great places to be around others who believe in a cause that is important to you. 

4. Exudes Positivity

You should feel good around this person. Respect, loyalty, and compassion are all key indicators that you have a solid person. You should feel safe in the friendship and okay being yourself around them. You can talk through problems until you are both satisfied. 

Finding a Place Invested in Your Growth

It can be difficult to find people to be positive friends while you are in recovery, but when you put yourself out there and believe you can do better, you usually are successful. Finding a positive community is important for your growth. Here at Harmony Haus Sober Living, we have a place where men on their personal recovery journeys can support each other in sobriety and in life. We offer a safe haven for those who need a safe environment where they can grow.

Give our team at Harmony Haus Sober Living a call today at (512) 387-2978 to schedule a tour or learn more about our offerings.