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Building Your Best Life

Harmony Haus is a recovery home in Austin that believes that one of the best ways to be sober is to create a life for yourself that is, quite simply, more fun, more rewarding, more full of love, more peaceful, and all around more joyful than the life you had during active addiction. This can be a tall order and may seem unattainable for people in early recovery who are faced with the devastation of late-stage addiction–job loss, family issues, depression, anxiety, money problems, legal problems, and other issues. But it is never too late to put down the drink or the drugs and to start creating a new life for yourself. It can seem like it’s “two steps forward, one step back” sometimes, and the going can be rough and the road quite long. But the journey is worth it, as so many happy and free recovered addicts can attest to.

Harmony Haus Sober Living helps those in early recovery along their journey by providing them with the support, accountability, love, and courage that are necessary to start cleaning up the wreckage of the past and building a beautiful future. At the same time, the residents of Harmony Haus are professionals, executives, and well-educated people who can offer a ton of great connections for jobs and other opportunities. You will find that your housemates at Harmony Haus are full of energy and are excited about living life, about new opportunities in business and education, and in exploring the huge world that exists beyond substance abuse. This “built-in” network of amazing people is one of the many intangible benefits of living at Harmony Haus. 

There are countless examples of how this support network functions at Harmony Haus. You will find your new friends at the house inviting you out to go to AA meetings, or simply asking how you are, how your AA step work is going (or how work on another recovery program, like Refuge Recovery) is going. Your housemates may offer to go to the gym with you, or invite you to dinner or a movie, as well. It’s really amazing to see how quickly we can rebuild strong, meaningful, and safe (sobriety-wise) friendships. Recovering addicts are some of the friendliest, most generous, and most genuine people there are. 

Another great part of being at Harmony Haus is that you will receive really solid mentorship and advice regarding career and education. Most of the residents at Harmony Haus Westlake are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, or older, with lots of experience in a variety of fields–many of them have graduate degrees, have served in the military or lived abroad, and are pursuing their passions, whether that be in advertising, writing, industry, medicine, or other fields. If you are unsure about what path to take with your career after getting sober, you will greatly benefit from the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that surrounds you at Harmony Haus. At Harmony Haus, business connections are forged, social and business link-ups are made, and even new companies are started! At Harmony Haus, residents really do understand that “building a better life” is of paramount importance in recovery. We want to be excited about our lives and to truly feel like “the sky is the limit” in terms of how much we can accomplish in our lives and how we can make our dreams reality. 

Whether you have always had a definite career goal or dream job in mind, and were derailed by addiction, or if you feel you’ve been adrift in the job market without any passion or interest, living at Harmony Haus can help you naturally, organically work toward building a meaningful role for yourself in the working world. And, more importantly than that, your housemates will help you create and maintain a strong program of sobriety that will keep you safe and healthy and free of substances. It is important to remember that sobriety must come before everything for recovering addicts; without it we will lose everything. Many people in AA counsel against making a job, or money, or a relationship our “Higher Power.” And Harmony Haus will help you keep things in perspective that way. But it will also do the very real and very important work of helping you build a dream life for yourself.