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Developing Your Career After Addiction Recovery


People in the early stages of addiction recovery frequently face daunting issues when they attempt to work on their careers, for instance, when looking for jobs. If this sounds like you, seeking career counseling services may help you while you’re developing your career.

When a member exits an addiction treatment facility, especially if it’s a transitionary one, like a sober living home, it is with the hope that they will then be able to reintegrate into society and contribute to it in a meaningful way. Career and employment are significant parts of turning this hope into reality. If you’re looking for career counseling services for people in addiction recovery in Austin, TX, contact Harmony Haus Sober Living today by calling 877.349.1544 or reaching out to our team online.

Why Is Developing Your Career Important?

First of all, there’s no denying that addiction can take a significant financial toll. Not only were members drained financially due to their addictive behaviors before formal treatment, but the cost of addiction treatment also adds to their debts.

It’s not always easy to dig yourself out of your debts, even when seeking career counseling in sobriety. Financial management isn’t everyone’s strong suit. However, it’s an essential life skill, whether or not you’re in addiction recovery. Developing your career and making sound financial decisions must be at the top of your priorities if you want to maintain your sobriety for the rest of your life.

Without a stable career and a job you can count on, you won’t have a steady source of income. This means you won’t have a comfortable salary that can support your growth as a person and your sober life. The stress of not being financially responsible can even be a trigger for relapsing, which can lead to further addiction treatment costs to deal with in the future.

What Are Career Counseling Services?

Career counseling services are exactly what they sound like. People in addiction recovery may feel an increased sense of self-worth when accessing these services. The strategies covered by these services may help them work towards obtaining gainful employment.

In general, career counseling services for people in addiction recovery focus on:

  • Building skills for better employment opportunities – Many career counseling services hold workshops where members build valuable skills such as computer use, interviewing competency, and resume building. Some also offer outside opportunities for members to volunteer at local organizations and build their academic skills. Others also help members explore their options and help them take charge of their job searches.
  • Using career assessment tools – Members can take personality and career assessment exams to determine their interests and what they want to accomplish. These tests can identify their strengths and transferable skills, which can help them find a job. These assessment tools can help streamline the process of finding a job after addiction treatment. Instead of floundering with options, members can go after the field they want.
  • Financial advising – Many career counseling services include financial management in what they cover or may refer members to other services that offer it. Most will, at least, offer workshops that teach members better ways to manage their finances. These workshops can identify ways to increase income, decrease expenses, understand basic taxation, and rebuild credit.

Many organizations that offer career counseling services also have vocational programs or can refer members to other organizations that offer them, which helps members build a strong foundation for addiction recovery.

Where Can You Find Career Counseling Services?

Many addiction treatment facilities consider the goals of their members to be their own. They offer career counseling services and other helpful services that members can avail of after completing their formal addiction treatment program. You can look for career counseling in sobriety at nearby community centers, too. Sometimes, job fairs also offer these services.

Discover More About Career Counseling Services of Harmony Haus Today

If you are searching for career counseling services for people in addiction recovery in Austin, TX, Harmony Haus can help. Learn more about developing your career from Harmony Haus today by calling 877.349.1544 or reaching out to our team online.