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How to Avoid Triggers and Negative Influences During Recovery


Recovery from substance or alcohol abuse is difficult enough without the extra stressors of triggers and bad influences. Negativity can rear its head in personality types, inappropriate jokes, a co-worker, or just a stranger walking down the street. Things, people, places, or activities that remind you of past stress can create a need to use again.

Triggers and Bad Influences to Avoid During Recovery

Avoid Old Friends

You may associate old friends with old memories, times that led you to use in the first place. Continuing to stay in contact with these people may bring you closer to adverse influences from your past. Many of your old friends may still want to drink or use, activities that could be triggering for you to be around during recovery. You may not have as much in common with these folks when the past time of substances is no longer an activity for you.

Evaluate Friendships

Recovery can be a great time to take part in reflection. Begin to consider relationships and what they bring to your life. Each connection will have its natural ups and downs. But you need to consider whether a relationship brings more positive or negative moments into your life. Ending or setting a friendship on hold may be what you need for the moment.

Reflect on past relationships, including those with family members. If these people bring more positive moments into your life and respect your recovery, then they can be the support system you need.

Go to Clean Places

Finding places free from substances will make your recovery easier. Many social gathering places connect around alcohol or substances. Especially at the beginning of your recovery, cut these venues out of your routine. Try clean houses, libraries, museums, movie theaters, etc.

Self-Care Comes First

Recovery is the time for you to turn inward and build strength within yourself. No one can supply your needs better than you. Connecting with others, sharing, engaging in communities, and giving back is essential. But it is also important to build a stable base for yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally so that you can better combat future triggers.

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