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Interventions for Family Therapy in Austin, TX

a woman sits on the couch with her young daughter who is pointing to the paper on a therapist's clipboard who is discussing interventions for family therapy

When an individual battles addiction, they are often not the only person affected. For the family and loved ones of the person struggling, it is extremely challenging to watch as their health and well-being deteriorate. It can be just as difficult to confront them about their substance use. It is not uncommon for those grappling with an addiction to be in denial about its negative impacts on all aspects of their life.

Encouraging your loved one to seek treatment or consider sober living services can be a complicated conversation. However, it is not one you have to initiate on your own. At Harmony Haus, we provide interventions to help family and friends navigate this conversation and help their loved ones get their needed support. If you are searching for interventions near you, consider Harmony Haus and our many sober living services. Call us at 877.349.1544 to learn more about how interventions can help and how to prepare for one.

Interventions for Family Therapy

An individual battling addiction may refuse to acknowledge the harmful consequences of their behavior on themselves and those around them. Confronting someone about their substance use can cause them to become defensive and may push them away further. Interventions for family therapy provide support and resources to kickstart the recovery process. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, interventions gather family and friends together so they can show their love, support, and concern for their loved one struggling with addiction.

In an intervention, friends and family members can discuss how addiction has negatively impacted them. They can also explain how receiving professional treatment in an addiction treatment program would improve the quality of life for everyone involved. During interventions for family therapy, the emphasis is on support and encouragement rather than accusation or negativity. The goal of an intervention is to motivate someone to receive professional treatment.

Should I Look for Interventions Near Me?

Because addiction often clouds a person’s judgment, it can be challenging to recognize when they are struggling with addiction. They also can become good at hiding their substance use habits, which can make it a challenge for their friends and family to identify their problems as well. Recognizing the signs of addiction and staging an intervention as soon as possible can prevent the negative consequences of addiction from causing significant damage.

You should consider looking for interventions services if your loved one is:

  • Continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences to their physical and mental health
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they stop or reduce their substance abuse
  • Lying about the amount of their drug or alcohol use
  • Struggling with legal or financial issues because of their addiction
  • Isolating themselves from friends and family to continue their substance abuse in secret
  • Not receptive to loved ones asking them to receive help

At Harmony Haus, we provide services to help individuals to support their recovery. Some of the additional sober living services we offer include:

  • Case management and recovery coaching
  • Crisis care
  • Financial coaching and family offices
  • Integrate intensives trauma workshop
  • Legal aid and reporting
  • LGBTQ support services
  • Sober transport and sober companion
  • Treatment planning and placement

An intervention can serve as the wake-up call a person needs to turn their life around. Hearing from their loved ones about how addiction affects them can encourage someone to take the leap and improve their quality of life.

Interventions for Family Therapy at Harmony Haus

Our team has extensive experience staging interventions for family therapy. We can help family members navigate a difficult conversation with their loved ones and encourage them to seek the support they need. After a successful intervention, members can continue their recovery journey at our sober living facility. If you are ready to look for interventions near you, contact Harmony Haus today at 877.349.1544.