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Who Pays for Sober Living Homes?

a woman sits in a chair holding a coffee cup while talking to a woman sitting across from her and asks who pays for sober living homes

Sober living homes help individuals transition out of addiction treatment. Going from a highly structured environment to daily life can be jarring and present challenges for many. Sober living houses and services provide guidance and support for individuals as they adjust to their new substance-free lifestyle.

Members can enjoy more freedom than they had during treatment when they needed to be monitored much more frequently. In a safe and stable environment, newly sober individuals have the opportunity to work on further building the skills they learned during treatment.

Our team at Harmony Haus is dedicated to providing high-quality sober living services for people in the Austin, Texas, area. We provide support for our members the moment they arrive and work with them to create a long-term plan for their sobriety. If you are wondering who pays for sober living homes or how to rebuild finances after staying, we also provide financial coaching for sober living. For more information about Harmony Haus and our many services, contact us at 877.349.1544.

Does Medicaid Pay for Sober Living?

Generally speaking, private insurance does not cover sober living homes, but does Medicaid pay for sober living? Medicaid is a government program that provides health insurance for individuals with limited income and resources. Each state operates its own Medicaid program with varying eligibility requirements and coverage plans.

Some states may offer coverage or partial coverage for sober living homes. You should check with your insurance provider to fully understand your benefits and determine whether Medicaid would help finance your stay in a sober living program. Understanding how to finance your sober living stay is an important step on the road to recovery. Our financial coaching services can also help you develop a plan for rebuilding your finances after treatment.

Who Pays for Sober Living Homes?

So, who pays for sober living homes? While insurance providers often provide coverage for substance use disorder treatment, they typically do not cover sober living homes. Even though sober living services are designed to help individuals in the early stages of their recovery, they are not considered treatment centers.

However, there are various options for paying for a sober living program. Some states offer government assistance to help individuals in recovery cover the costs of their sober living home. People can also take out a loan with a bank or lender that specializes in addiction treatment to fund their stay.

At Harmony Haus, financial coaching is one of our sober living services that can help members worried about paying for their program or afterward. Some of the skills and lessons individuals receive in our financial coaching program are:

  • Developing saving strategies
  • Handling credit card debt
  • Avoiding financial scams
  • Reducing financial stress
  • Increasing their income
  • Revamping their debt repayment plan

Participating in our financial coaching services can help ease a person’s concerns over how they will pay for their sober living program or rebuild their finances after their stay. Individuals receive guidance to create a plan for financial success. While your insurance provider may not provide coverage, there are other options to look into to help pay for your continued treatment and recovery.

Call Harmony Haus for Help Finding North Austin Sober Living

Our North Austin sober living program can provide you or a loved one with additional support when making the significant transition out of treatment. It is worth looking into your insurance provider and other payment options, as sober living can aid you in your journey toward lasting recovery and wellness.

Our sober living in Austin, Texas, can help you build a solid foundation for sobriety and further develop the skills you learned during treatment. For more information and guidance about paying for sober living, contact our team by calling us at 877.349.1544 or contacting us online.