Sober Living For Men Austin

Sober Living For Men Austin

If you’re making good progress with the rehab treatment and you’re about to complete it, you need to consider joining our sober living for men in Austin. At Harmony Haus, we’re prepared to change your life forever.

Does the rehab work?

Not only that the rehab does work, but it is the safest, most reliable way of defeating addiction. We’re talking about a chronic mental disorder with severe consequences in the long run. It progresses fast, and it has the potential of turning deadly with no warning. We advise you to not even think about any self-detox. For your safety, leave the treatment to professionals!

However, there is one problem with many rehab treatments that seems like nobody is talking about. While an advanced rehab treatment is ideal for stabilizing your physiological functioning and restore your mental health, it does lack in the long-term relapse prevention department. The underlying issue is that patients return straight home as soon as the rehab program ends.

Going from a secure, heavily controlled environment to one where there is no outside control, other than the patient’s self-imposed rules, can spell disaster fast. Many recovering patients relapse after the treatment due to the social and familial stress. The best solution for that is going through transitional living before returning home.

What is transitional living?

Transitional facilities, or sober living houses, function like bridges between the rehab environment and the freedom of the real world. It may sound counterintuitive, but although the rehab is your only chance of beating addiction, it can also cause a form of social dysfunctionality. People find it difficult to adapt to free-living, without someone else to tell them what to do and how to behave.

Our sober living for men in Austin fixes that problem. We offer transitional living treatment in a residential setting that promotes comfort, introspection, and self-discovery. Men should be the pillars of their families, which means that they must prove leadership, strength of character, determination, and strong moral values. During the sober living program, you will take part in group activities and counseling, and work towards becoming more responsible and mentally and emotionally mature.

Are sober living homes effective?

They clearly are. Experts consider sober living houses to function as extensions to rehab facilities. Although rehab centers offer education and put in place extensive relapse prevention strategies, it’s all theoretic. We’re dealing with practical teaching. We do resort to counseling, support groups, and education as well, but we also facilitate social reintegration as a core part of the recovery strategy.

At our homes in Austin, you will learn how to interact and cooperate with other people, take personal responsibility, and become more confident in your ability to handle any problems coming your way. Our sober living for men in Austin is a transformation process that turns men into role models for those around them.

We know you have the power to overcome your addiction. You only need guidance and support to do it. Come to Harmony Haus and prepare yourself for a new life!

Sober Living For Men Austin
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Sober Living For Men Austin