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Intervention Maryland

Intervention Maryland

At the Addiction Treatment Group, we help families and partners stage the most purposeful intervention in Maryland, for their loved ones to help them overcome addiction. We can help addicts see and understand as to how rehab treatment can transform their lives for the better.

Signs of an enabler 

Many times, family members and loved ones of an addict become their enabler without realizing it for the longest time. You might be an enabler if you are ignoring the sudden changes in an addicted loved one’s behavior or ignore their immoral behaviors likes stealing money, lying, etc.

You may also be an enabler if you hand them cash as and when they need without asking them as to what they need it for. Furthermore, if you indulge in lying to other family members and outsiders to cover up for the addict or if you voluntarily ignore their immoral behaviors, you may be the enabler in the addict's life. 

When to intervene in a loved one?

As one of the leading providers of intervention in Maryland, we have witnessed several families finding it difficult to know the right time for an intervention. For starters, if you think your loved one has developed an increased tolerance to drugs or if you find them being absent-minded or forgetful due to mental fog, it may be time for an intervention.

Furthermore, if you notice any dodgy behavior patterns, changes in their appearances, aggressiveness, etc. make sure to speak to an intervention specialist to help you plan. Detox and rehab treatment is the only way to overcome addiction. 

Types of Interventions

Interventions can be of four types, and the severity of the addiction condition and the addict's personality determines the type of intervention. They are:

  • One-on-one - This works best for mild to moderate levels of addiction, and the most influential member of the member has a one-on-one conversation with the addict. If this family member has a pleasant relationship with the addict, then there is a good chance for the intervention to yield favorable results.
  • Classic intervention - The members of the family make a plan with the help of a professional interventionist to execute an intervention for an addicted family member. However, this can be challenging to execute as the addict may feel agitated, be emotionally compromised, and anything that you say can cause them to experience intense emotions.
  • Family system intervention - When more than one member in a family abuses drugs/ alcohol, and they do it together and openly, the entire family may require a family system intervention. 
  • Interventions rooted in crisis - This is for those addicts with a recent encounter of non-fatal overdose. Although the near-death experience acts as a wake-up call for most addicts, it may not be enough, and they may require a nudge from their loved ones to comprehend the need for treatment.

For the most rewarding intervention in Maryland, get in touch with us at the Addiction Treatment Group today. We can get your loved ones started on a transformational journey towards sobriety.

Intervention Maryland
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Intervention Maryland