Transitional Housing Austin TX

Transitional Housing Austin TX

Although the rehab treatment is your only chance at salvation, it does come with a disadvantage – it separates you from the outside world for too long. To fix the problems steaming off of that, we, at Harmony Haus, invite you to our transitional housing in Austin, TX!

What is transitional housing?

The term refers to any residence that helps with social reintegration. During the rehab treatment, you will receive comprehensive therapy and support, including linked to social skills and social reintegration. But there’s a difference between learning and practicing.

Our transitional home relies on simulating reality and allowing you to become accustomed to a normal lifestyle once more. You will have rules and regulations to abide by while going through education sessions, sober living therapy groups, and specific activities to help you heal and recover.

Transitional housing is a bridge between the rehab treatment and a normal life, which means you can’t skip it. It will drastically lower the risk of relapse, as it will allow you to rediscover and pursue your life’s goals with new, blazing levels of energy and optimism.

What are the benefits of transitional housing?

The critical benefit is the fact that it functions as an extension of the rehab treatment. All victims of substance addiction have major difficulties in adapting to the outside world. Prolonged addiction, especially in aggravated forms, will take away your ability to interact with other people in a healthy, normal manner. At the same time, patients will no longer be able to work and care for their families.

During our transitional housing in Austin, TX, you will receive:

Substance abuse support – We will continue the therapeutic interventions started during the rehab treatment. You will participate in support groups and counseling sessions, with the goal of supporting your mental and emotional recovery.

Employment assistance – It is imperative to be able to take care of yourself once returning to your normal lifestyle. We will provide you with job assistance and skill development, increasing your chances of getting a better job and becoming financially independent.

Personal development – Many of those arriving at our sober homes feel lost and without a purpose in life. We want you to evolve into a strong, independent, and confident individual, capable of taking matters into your own hands. Our transitional housing system relies on reprogramming people’s view on themselves and life in general.

Can I start a new life after addiction?

If you’ve already been through a comprehensive rehab treatment, joining a transitional housing in Austin, TX should be your next strategic move. It is your best chance at adopting a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, as our experts will give you all the right tools for the job.

At our sober homes in Austin, you will learn about proper nutrition, workout routine, social interactions, becoming financially proficient, and caring for the people you love. But, most importantly, you will learn to trust yourself and rely on your ability to control your thoughts and desires. At Harmony Haus, you will realize your true nature – that of a warrior who doesn’t know how to surrender.

Transitional Housing Austin TX
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Transitional Housing Austin TX