Dan Ragette and Dr. Dorothy Byrne are amazing people and providers. Having been in the behavioral health field since 2004, Harmony Haus sets the bar very high for Sober Living. For people in early recovery and leaving residential treatment from anywhere in the county, it is such a great resource; also for people wanting to relocate. Early Recovery + Harmony Haus + Austin Recovery Community.....life changing. it is the place I’d refer a family member. Harmony Haus is a very classy and very beautiful home, and Dan and Dr. Byrne go above and beyond helping their members. They do recovery coaching, Acu detox, and Dr. Byrne also meets with each client about their treatment plan, needs, and helps them follow through and get back their quality of lives, & for some, claim their lives for the first time. Dan & Dr. Byrne take a holistic, whole person mind/body/spirit approach. Their dedication to its members is unparalleled. -Loren Hauck* | Elements Behavioral Health|Recovery Date: June 28, 2016

Listen, reviews are often a lot of B.S. More often than not people write them because they were asked to. But I would never write a review if I didn't believe Harmony Haus is one of the best sober living houses in the country. This disease is far too serious to write this just as a thoughtless gesture. I'm writing this because Dan helped me get my life back. And I’ve seen him do it for many others. I can't even begin to list all the things he did to help me. It's really incredible as I sit here thinking back on month's at the Haus. Dan’s passion makes all the difference. He’s been there. He knows the lows. He knows how tricky addiction is. And he's created a program that is extremely nuanced and well thought out based on experience and a lot of research. I owe Dan and Dr. Byrne so much. I’d recommend Harmony Haus to anyone that really wants to get better. Good luck to you and your family no matter where you decide to go. -A, Tyler*

Harmony Haus is sober living done right. The founders are a powerhouse team operating with high integrity. The HH model provides quality, intentionality, accountability, and a lot of heart. Residents are set up for success with every opportunity to achieve long term sobriety. HH is my #1 referral for sober living. -Gina Kaye, M.Ed.* | National Outreach Director Sabino Recovery | 562-810-4161

Harmony Haus goes beyond stabilizing my day-day routine and offers me an opportunity to build relationships with housemates and connect with the amazing recovery community in Austin. I benefit from a shared enthusiasm among the residents--I consider them my brothers in arms--to build each other up, get me out of my comfort zone, point out my blind spots, and embrace the changes I need to make to keep sober. Dan R continues to put a ton of thought and effort into the Haus to make it a place that I’m proud to live in. Physically, the house is beautiful, the kitchen is awesome, and the neighborhood is great too!-P.A. *

I have the pleasure of calling Dan one of my greatest friends. We met through a mutual friend who had needed sober living and was very happy he found Harmony Haus. HH is definitely the finest in ATX sober living!!! It’s clean, modern and extremely well organized. Dan has worked very hard to make the Haus as close to home for the men who live there. They are all very blessed to have such a wonderful place where sobriety comes first!! As far as Dan, I have no words to describe how wonderful he is!! I’ve never seen him without a welcoming smile and he cares deeply for the young men who live there. Simply said, he is an amazing man!!! -Kristine Ehrlich * | 512-789-5747 | Sober Date 7.1.13

I have known Dan for several years. During this time, he has set goals and achieved them, one after another. Harmony Haus was one of those goals. It was created literally out of blood, sweat, and tears. The house is run with integrity, respect & heart! -S.B.*

My name is Nick Borges, I have had the privilege of being the Assistant Manager at Harmony Haus for 6 months now. I moved to Harmony Haus to join with Dan & Dr. Byrne because I strongly believe in the vision and deep healing that comes with Harmony Haus sober living. I have lived in 3 other sober livings while in Austin over the past year and there is no one else doing what Harmony Haus is. The Haus is in a perfect location in Hyde Park of Austin, TX. The gym membership at 24 hour fitness, Acudetox, assessments and goal oriented meetings with Dr. Byrne all are a part of what makes Harmony Haus so special. Harmony Haus maintains a strong community with its clients because accountability is instilled from day one of being a member of the household. I would highly recommend Harmony Haus to anyone that is looking to strengthen their recovery and live in a space that all clients hold each other to the highest of standards. -Nick Borges *

The air of the house is always positive, and as someone who has been in and out for a few years I can confidently say it is a great place. There is real brotherhood and accountability which isn't common. The house manager and owner Dan is a guy who sincerely cares and works hands on to help whether that be driving to meetings or just talking. -Nicholas Zikos*

Harmony Haus gave me the best experience I could've asked for! I had previously tried to stay at other sober houses but didn't feel I would fit in at all. I realized that that wouldn't be a problem at Harmony Haus as soon as I walked in the door! Everyone there supports each other in every way possible! Dan is the leader of it, being a great role model for everyone there. The house stays clean, the chores get done, and everyone keeps they're personal areas organized. I would recommend Harmony Haus over any other sober house in the city! -Andrew R*
Our Mission:
Provide leadership in Austin’s transitional sober living recovery residence industry through professionalism, integrity & attention-to-detail; fostering recovery communities conducive to members adding color + vibrancy back in their life, achieving long-term sobriety & life goals.
Our Vision:
Set the platinum standard for integrative transitional sober living recovery residences, with focus on providing inspiring environments, amenities, and services.