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There is so much more that goes into sobriety then just putting the drink down and quitting. Those who have successfully tackled sobriety will tell you that it's easy to stop drinking for a day, a week, or even a year... but without a true recovery from addiction, it's impossible to be completely sober.

Those who wish to fully recover from addiction need to change every aspect of life to support their efforts toward sobriety. They often need assistance figuring out what a "normal" day should look like, help finding leisure activities that aren't geared toward drinking or drugging, and support for their new lifestyle in the workplace.

But more than anything, the newly sober need a home that supports their recovery. If you or a loved one is looking for lifelong sobriety, it's time to look into a sober living center.

Get the Support You Need in Our Sober Living Center

The world is full of people who drink. Many of them are normal, and many of them are not. Likewise, the world is full of people who use drugs recreationally, who are overly dependent on pharmaceuticals, and who are happy to share their predilections with others. For the newly sober, this is dangerous -- especially if such people are family members or roommates. As research and personal experience has shown again and again, sobriety cannot be achieved on willpower alone. Staying in an environment riddled with temptation is a sure path to relapse.

Luckily we are the ones who can help! When you're thinking about becoming sober, a recovery center is the best environment in which you can make a change in your life... free from temptation! We believe in a positive, inspiring and integrated approach and blend the comfort of home with the amenities and services needed to achieve lifelong sobriety.

How Does Sober Living Center Membership Work?

When you move into our recovery center, your membership includes a wealth of benefits. Not only does living in our home remove some of the greater temptations of the outside from your everyday field of vision, we offer multiple other services as well. These include:

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  • Recovery management program
  • Weekly screenings
  • State-of-the-art kitchens
  • Acudetox
  • Flat-screen televisions
  • Planned management with increased levels of independence
  • ... and much more.

There are additional benefits when you live with others who are suffering from addiction. Living with others who are going through a similar experience at the same time can not only remove the danger or negative influences from others who are not in a recovery program but it also compounds the successes of all involved.

Success At Sober Living

At Harmony Haus, our mission is to set the standard high for sober living residences and programs. Learn what sets us apart from the rest by reading what people have to say about us.

I have known Dan for several years. During this time, he has set goals and achieved them, one after another. Harmony Haus was one of those goals. It was created literally out of blood, sweat, and tears. The house is run with integrity, respect & heart! -S.B.*

My name is Nick Borges, I have had the privilege of being the Assistant Manager at Harmony Haus for 6 months now. I moved to Harmony Haus to join with Dan & Dr. Byrne because I strongly believe in the vision and deep healing that comes with Harmony Haus sober living. I have lived in 3 other sober livings while in Austin over the past year and there is no one else doing what Harmony Haus is. The Haus is in a perfect location in Hyde Park of Austin, TX. The gym membership at 24 hour fitness, Acudetox, assessments and goal oriented meetings with Dr. Byrne all are a part of what makes Harmony Haus so special. Harmony Haus maintains a strong community with its clients because accountability is instilled from day one of being a member of the household. I would highly recommend Harmony Haus to anyone that is looking to strengthen their recovery and live in a space that all clients hold each other to the highest of standards. -Nick Borges *

The air of the house is always positive, and as someone who has been in and out for a few years I can confidently say it is a great place. There is real brotherhood and accountability which isn't common. The house manager and owner Dan is a guy who sincerely cares and works hands on to help whether that be driving to meetings or just talking. -Nicholas Zikos*
If you're ready to learn more about your options for a Sober Living Center, please get in touch with us here at Harmony Haus in Austin, TX. We would be happy to discuss your situation with you, and find the ideal situation for working toward recovery today.
Our Mission:
Provide leadership in Austin’s transitional sober living recovery residence industry through professionalism, integrity & attention-to-detail; fostering recovery communities conducive to members adding color + vibrancy back in their life, achieving long-term sobriety & life goals.
Our Vision:
Set the platinum standard for integrative transitional sober living recovery residences, with focus on providing inspiring environments, amenities, and services.