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Find the Quality, Support, and Respect You Deserve in Recovery
At Harmony Haus, our team has years of experience providing superior sober living accommodations in Austin, TX. Our three locations create the perfect environment for people who are transitioning from an addiction treatment program into high-quality sober living to reinforce their newly healthy lifestyles. We recognize that addiction is a disease, not a lack of willpower or moral failing. As such, our Harmony Haus team treats each member in our care with the respect and dignity they deserve.
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Take a tour today of our three sober living homes in Austin, TX, either virtually or in person. Explore our outstanding amenities and premium living quarters to find out which would be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Harmony Hyde Park Women’s Haus

Empowering Lives with Addiction Recovery Coaching

Our addiction recovery coaching addresses the root causes associated with addictions. Getting to the root causes is essential to creating lasting change. By embracing our holistic approach to recovery, individuals are empowered to thrive, heal, and cultivate healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our comprehensive recovery model harnesses an individual’s inherent ability to flourish, mend injuries to the nervous system, and cultivate wholesome patterns of relationships. These foundational pillars lay the groundwork for sustaining a life of sobriety and overall well-being—fostering a path toward lasting wellness.

The essential components of our addiction recovery coaching include:

Our experienced and compassionate addiction recovery coaching team provides personalized support, guidance, and accountability to people seeking lasting recovery. Our coaching team will support you in addressing the cognitive system and the deeper, unconscious aspects of the emotional operating system (EOS). By doing so, you can develop the necessary tools for long-lasting recovery and personal growth.
Need Help with Admissions & Insurance Verification for Outpatient Programs?
If you need guidance through the admissions process or insurance verification to attend an Intensive Outpatient Program, reach out to our friendly Harmony Haus staff today. We will help you navigate this process so that you can continue your road to recovery in our sober living community.

Sober Living Services

The range of sober living services at Harmony Haus is one of the main reasons our members find success in recovery. Sober living services at our sober living recovery residences in Austin, TX, include:


Discover Austin, TX’s Platinum Standard in Sober Living