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Integrate Therapeutic Coaching Team

the sober living consulting staff at harmony haus introduces themselvesOur sober living consulting staff at Harmony Haus provides a wide range of programs and services to help people begin their recovery journeys. If you or a loved one has questions for our sober living consulting staff in Austin, TX, reach out to Harmony Haus today by calling 877.349.1544 or completing our online contact form.

Integrate Therapeutic Recovery Coaching Services

The services from our integrate therapeutic recovery coaching team at Harmony Haus includes:

  • Intervention – An intervention is a family-oriented, supportive approach to break the cycle of addiction and begin the treatment process.
  • Case management and recovery coaching – Our trained coaches will build and engage in a long-term recovery plan.
  • Sober transport – Our sober transport services ensure that you or your loved one travel safely, which lessens the chances of substance use or relapse.
  • Treatment planning and placement – Let our team find and engage the best treatment options for you or someone you care about.
  • Sober companion – Never face challenging situations alone when our sober companions are here to support you at events or special occasions.
  • Legal aid – Our CEO, Dan Ragette, is an experienced family law attorney and can provide valuable legal advice and support for a wide range of legal issues.
  • Crisis care management – When your loved one becomes unstable or begins using drugs or alcohol and you need immediate help, let our experienced team engage and support them.
  • Financial coaching and family offices – If substance use is affecting your income, trust, inheritance, or family business, we have extensive experience with these issues. Our team can show you how to resolve these issues and support a healthy financial portfolio.

Our Integrate Therapeutic Recovery Coaching Team


Garrett C. Higley

Managing Member & Founder

For nearly a decade I had a highly successful family law practice but found myself unsatisfied. As a person in recovery, I felt that a more hands-on position helping others to achieve full and harmonious sober lives might be what I needed. It is why I founded Harmony Recovery Consulting. The work we do at HRC touches all aspects of our clients’ lives, from achieving lasting sobriety and managing personal and professional relationships, to successfully concluding any ongoing legal matters.

In my experience, any challenge, however daunting, can be overcome with the right support team in place. Life can be chaotic and overwhelming for anyone, but for a person struggling with substance use disorder or behavioral health issues, even small obstacles can seem insurmountable. At Harmony Recovery Consulting we guide our clients through some of the most difficult challenges life has to offer so that they can emerge happy, healthy, and whole.

I look forward to working with you or that individual or loved one in your life that is in need of an ongoing continuum of support and guidance as they heal. The compassionate, informed, and insightful approach we take, paired with my unique skill set and life experiences, positions me to be extremely effective with a wide variety of clientele. I am grateful and honored to bring my outcome-driven, bespoke approach to each of my clients’ lives. Change comes from within, but not without the right outside help.


Kristopher Robin Stevens

Operations Director – CCMI-A

My alcohol addiction began in my mid 20’s. When I first began drinking, I used alcohol as an avenue to create social and business relationships. Drinking was a way to build camaraderie in the workplace and immerse myself in the LGBTQ community in Austin. After 10 years I realized that I had become so dependent on the drink that I was incapable of lasting more than a few hours without it. I could no longer function at work at all or socialize with family and friends; I couldn’t even take care of myself. What started as a crutch had become my lifeline.

It took me 10 years to realize how dominated I was by alcohol. Every single day I would tell myself that I would deal with my addiction tomorrow. “Tomorrow” became an illusion of control for me. I felt like I was choosing to handle the more important things in my life first. I was choosing to be a successful business owner, to take part in celebrations, to put off my recovery for just one more day. One morning I woke up without any alcohol in the house and it was hours before the liquor store would open and years’ worth of excuses finally crashed down around me.

Alcoholism is a physically and emotionally unsustainable lifestyle. When I realized just how fragile my perspective of control over my addiction was I checked myself into treatment and tried to remain open-minded to what my recovery would look like. Even after leaving my treatment facility I was unsure how to maintain my ongoing recovery and was fortunate enough to discover the team at Harmony Recovery Consulting. Not only was I able to engage in my own recovery, but I discovered my passion for the world of recovery work. After my time as a client, I had the opportunity to join Harmony Recovery Consulting as a team member. During my time as HRC’s Operations Director and a recovery coach I have been able to help numerous people by connecting them with the best recovery services for their needs. I feel so fortunate to be able to use my own story to provide guidance gained from first-hand experiences. As a member of Harmony Recovery Consulting I can say that we truly understand because we have been where you are.


Blake Goldstein

Case Manager

For me, my substance abuse didn’t begin from that first moment I had a sip of alcohol. For me, it started out in high school as what appeared to be an eating disorder. I was your textbook example of a girl desperately trying to gain some feeling of control in a world where I felt I had none. After years of controlling my food intake I still wasn’t satisfied and I started to feel a loss of control once again as more traumatic events began to unfold in my life. This is when I discovered that alcohol was able to relieve me from those difficult feelings and it became my favorite way to numb the pain.

For a long time, I was able to juggle drinking at night and working during the day, but as time went on the blackout drinking became regular and more frequent and not only a nighttime routine. I stopped showing up to my job(s) and ultimately my life and my relationships fell apart. I was in a dark hole and felt completely hopeless. I had tried treatment twice before and I didn’t think that a third time would make much of a difference, but I also knew that I wouldn’t live much longer if I didn’t make a change.

My life now is so much brighter now than it ever was. Throughout my time using alcohol to cope or food to control things; I had experienced different lifestyles. I had a job and would be making lots of money or I had no job and wasn’t making any money but being an unhappy alcoholic was not contingent on what my success looked like. What I lacked was my sense of self and now I have the tools to stay healthy. I was so lost and now I’m back on the path to finding myself and if I can help our clients and their families to find their purpose and joys in life again then that is the ultimate reward.


Camille Reid, PRSS

Recovery Coach

Camille Reid is a Peer Recovery Specialist with an educational background in Social Work and Addictions Counseling.

Camille brings a knowledge and understanding of substance use disorders, community engagement, and healing to her practice as a motivator and coach. She identifies as a person in long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol and equates much of her success to peer support recovery groups and maintaining balance through the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

In her personal life, she is a ceramic artist, amateur fisherwoman, outdoors enthusiast, and strives to be a natural healer through creative expression. Camille carries a passion for helping individuals seeking recovery from codependency and love addiction by modeling confidence, determination, and self-love.


Joseph Chimienti, BA Psychology, MS I/O Psychology

Recovery Coach

Joseph earned his B.S. from CUNY Baruch in the field of Psychology. With aspirations to move into private clinical practice, Joseph honed in on human behavior, especially the pathologies leading to maladaptive behavior. After switching coasts, Joseph began providing behavioral therapy treatment to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

After 2 years of working in the ASD field, Joseph found himself back in the books, earning his MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Today, experience in Academics, Behavioral Therapy, I/O Psychology, and Business Development combine to provide clients the necessary skills and knowledge to make substantial changes in their lives. Examining each domain of an individual’s life through an equally analytical, targeted, and compassionate lens allows the opportunity for noticeable and measurable growth.

In his limited free time, Joseph is no stranger to his Stand-Up Paddle Board, Peloton Bike, and New York Rangers Hockey.


Sami Ouda, RSPS

Recovery Coach

Sami Ouda is a Recovery Support Peer Specialist experienced in working with those are in residential treatment programs.

Sami specializes in connecting those in the early stages of recovery to the resources they seek. Sami has knowledge of the many different pathways to recovery and is skilled in meeting clients exactly where they are at. In Sami’s personal life he enjoys playing soccer, golfing, attending live music, trying new food and is an avid fan of Liverpool FC.

Sami discovered his career path in recovery in 2019 and has found a great deal of passion in helping others on their recovery journeys.


Noah Giovannini-Dolan, RSPS

Recovery Coach

Noah is an individual in long term recovery who is well versed in connecting with individuals in the early stages of their recovery and working with them to identify what support they need, and how to support them in acquiring it. Noah strongly believes in helping people help themselves, showing instead of telling, and walking alongside someone in their journey through recovery.

Noah is intimately familiar with multiple pathways to recovery, and participates in many of them himself. He believes in working towards independence, at every turn showing individuals the steps they can take to grow towards providing themselves with the resources, connections, and opportunities for growth that coaching provides a person with. Noah has been both in the field of recovery and in personal recovery for multiple years, and believes that every day has left him better suited towards working with others. He has spent time building residential programs and spent many an hour knee to knee with individuals in their earliest days of what have become stories of successful long term recovery.

Outside of work, Noah enjoys reading, pick up soccer, playing chess, hiking, kayaking, listening to and making music, and hanging out with his dog Ryder. Ultimately his perspective is that through the right combination of modalities and a fulfilling lifestyle, recovery is possible for everyone.


Matthew McWitz, RSPS

Recovery Coach

Matthew is a Recovery Support Peer Specialist that has spent his entire adult life learning to live a happy and productive life free from drugs and alcohol and helping others to do the same. He found recovery when he was 19 years old after developing a debilitating addiction to heroin and alcohol and has worked a rigorous and expansive recovery program since 2014.

He is deeply embedded in the Austin LGBTQIA recovery community and has found meaning in his life through service to others and the cultivation of deep self-love and acceptance. He believes in the transformative power of authenticity, honesty, and open-mindedness, and strives to help others create their own path through recovery that will leave them happy and fulfilled, knowing that every individual’s needs are different, and so too is their journey. He values and utilizes both the spiritual and secular aspects of recovery as needed, and is a large proponent of meditation, and the fundamental understanding of oneself that it cultivates.

In his free time, Matthew is a competent and reckless chef, avid sci-fi nerd, lover of literature, amateur rancher, voracious traveler, and a frequenter of swimming holes and movie theaters. He also serves on the Board for the Austin Galano Club, a local center for the LGBTQIA+ recovery community, and is a regular hospice volunteer.


Chris Gates, RSPS

Recovery Coach

Chris Gates is a Certified Recovery Support Peer Specialist and a Peer Specialist Supervisor. He has been in recovery for over 23 years.

Chris became one of the first certified peer coaches in Texas in 2011 and has been coaching clients for over a decade. He has worked with dozens of people in all stages of recovery, meeting each client where they are and providing guidance and coaching based on lived experience in recovery. Chris has worked with clients in multiple pathways to recovery and is committed to helping each client find a recovery path that is personal and sustainable.

Outside work Chris is a musician, a father and husband. He has a big, cool life…



Recovery Coach

Lisa Modur is a Graduate Intern in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with specializations in Trauma, Addiction, and Theology as a Christian counselor. Lisa specializes in applying strategies of psychological first aid and interventions for people during or after abuse, sexual assault, crises, disasters, and other trauma causing events or suicidal situations.

Lisa is a certified Peer Recovery Support Coach and Interventionist. She is an expert in direct care with inpatient and outpatient treatment for acute psychiatric stabilization and chemical dependency. Lisa’s expansive experience informs her ability to balance clinical truths with empathetic and compassionate insight.

Lisa, her 3 children, and 2 spoiled Australian shepherds reside in Austin, TX.

chris horton

Chris Horton

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chris has over 25 years of experience creating, leading, and scaling global organizations rapidly and is a successful entrepreneurial leader. Chris’s newest venture, Integrate Intensives, combines his leadership and operational experience with a deep transformational journey around his emotional, mental, and spiritual health which began in 2008 after he sold his first company.


Dan Ragette

Co-Founder of Integrate Recovery

Dan is the founder of Harmony Haus. He is a well-respected leader in addiction recovery and is in long-term recovery himself. After realizing he could either become a victim of his addiction or embrace recovery and achieve a sober life with mental clarity and strength, he decided to enter the field. Dan’s recovery support certifications include certified case manager interventionist (CCMI-I) and Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) certified recovery coach.


Terra Holbrook

Co-Founder and Clinical Advisor

Terra Holbrook is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), certified alcohol drug counselor (CADC), and certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT). She is a well-known speaker, educator, and facilitator in mental health and addiction work. Terra has a Master of Science degree in social work. She is passionate about working with first responders experiencing grief and trauma. Terra organizes monthly retreats that focus on addressing the pain and trauma that can endanger the health and well-being of the courageous men and women who serve our communities.

Kay Creath, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Clinical Oversight

Kay is a psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has experience in various settings, including hospitals, university campuses, and private practices. Kay has worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has experienced significant personal growth firsthand through the group therapy process. Kay believes this modality accelerates healing and creates long-lasting, like-minded, supportive relationships.

David Golden

Program Director of Integrate Recovery

David has years of experience helping others as a program director for our therapeutic coaching program. Through his own journey in recovery, David has learned to help individuals focus on their entire well-being to help them achieve the life of their dreams. He has extensive experience in many areas, including residential treatment, recovery care, alumni services, and case management. David has learned what works best and believes that everyone is unique and deserves an individualized approach so they can reach their goals.

Find Answers from Harmony Haus’ Sober Living Consulting Staff in Austin, TX

Sober living can be a challenging time in a person’s life, and people usually have questions about this transitional phase. At Harmony Haus, our sober living consulting team in Austin, TX, is ready to provide answers about our sober living programs and services. Call our sober living consulting staff today at 877.349.1544 or reach out to us online.