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Harmony Haus Real-Time Recovery and Renewal Program

a person would benefit from an intensive sober living program at harmony hausOur most intensive program, Harmony Haus Renewal Program is a 3-Month to 1-Year highly individualized recovery management program. Is specifically developed for clients who are struggling or need additional support to participate in their recovery management. We jump-start your new life with mandatory sober coaching, elaborate case management, enrollment in clinical recovery support intensive outpatient programming, integrate intensive trauma workshop and a high-level of accountability. Harmony Haus Real-Time Recovery Renewal Program keeps our clients right on track with achieving one’s long-term sobriety and life-goals.
3 Main Reasons Why Individuals Don’t Get Sober?
  1. You Have Unresolved Trauma!
  2. You are Not Sponsoring, Mentoring, or Helping Others Get/Stay Sober!
  3. You Lost Your Way Working Towards Your Life-Mission, Passion, or Purpose!
Who Is a Harmony Haus Real-Time Renewal Program Client?
Our clients are men and women who are chronic relapsers or emerging adults who do not typically achieve long-term sobriety after inpatient treatment. Our clients need high structure and high accountability. We have a proven track record of success with these sorts of clients, largely due to the best-in-class wrap around recovery support services, accountability, and structure we provide. You’ll be surrounded by peers and leaders who are serious about recovery and taking your life to a position of strength!

Highly-Individualized Recovery Support Team:

  • Case Manager 
  • Recovery Coach 
  • Counselor/Therapist
  • Addiction Psychiatrist
  • Family/Recovery Allies

Real-Time Recovery Renewal Program Structure:

  • Harmony Haus Phased Structure & Accountability Program
  • Social Detox Implemented
  • Individualized Recovery Coaching & Life-Development Program
  • Coordination with Counselor, Therapist, Psychiatrist
  • 2 Months of IOP
  • 1 Month Integrate Intensive Trauma Workshop
  • Recovery Contract/Family Team-Agreement
  • Elaborate Case Management

Real-Time Recovery Renewal Program Includes:

  • Located in Downtown East Austin off 35 & Oltorf Street, Stand-Alone Facility
  • Well Appointed Residence designed with a high degree of purpose and intended use
  • MANDATORY Recovery Support Services including Case-Management, Individualized Recovery Coaching and
    Life-Development Program provided by Harmony Recovery Consulting
  • 3-Month Long Commitment Highly Structured Incentive Based Phased Program
  • Recovery Program Director Coordinates & Aligns with our Residents Recovery Support Services Providers
  • Universal Approach to Recovery – 12 Step, Smart Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, Refuge Recovery…
  • Recovery Program Managers are Salaried Employees of HH
    and Oversee Phased Program of Structure and Accountability
  • 24 Hr Fitness Membership Included
  • 12-Member Recovery Residence Facility
  • Integrative Approach to Recovery
  • Weekly NADA Acu-Detox – Acupuncture Sessions
  • Pool | Sauna | Hot Tub at 24 HR Fitness in Walking Distance from Haus
  • Zero-Tolerance Substance Abuse Policy for Members NOT Able to Stay Sober
    or Participate in their Recovery Management Program
  • Weekly Substance Screening | No-Insurance Billing
  • Month-to-Month Membership
  • Member Waitlist
  • Licensed Rooming House Recovery Residence | City of Austin, TX
    Level 3 NARR Residence Accreditation in Process
  • Druggy Buggy | Daily Meetings, HEB & Costco Runs, Employment Application Submissions | Recovery Community Outings
  • Medication Management
  • Mandatory Counseling & Therapy
  • Mandatory Psychiatric Consultation
  • Mandatory Family Support | “Addiction is a Family Disease”
  • Mandatory Year-Long Recovery Contract Including: Bottom Lines, Addiction History, Goals, SAMSA 8-Domains and more.
  • Mandatory IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) Month’s 1&2
  • Mandatory Trauma Workshop
  • Social Detox 1st Month
  • RA’s