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a person seeks sober living admissionsHarmony Haus is a leading provider of high-quality sober living services in Texas. Our mission is to provide the highest quality sober living homes in Austin, TX, for people transitioning from an addiction treatment program into a sober living environment. Our three locations, Hyde Park, Westlake Villagio, and Harmony Central Haus, are the platinum standard of sober living in Texas. For more information about our sober living admissions in Austin, TX, reach out to our sober living admissions team today by calling 877.349.1544 or filling out our online contact form. Our sober living admissions team is standing by to walk you through the process, so contact our Harmony Haus team today.

Our sober living admissions services include:

Admissions Process


Step 1

Complete our Initial Program
Enrollment Consult & Client Screening
Case Management

Step 2

Determine & Select
Desired Recovery Residence


Step 3

Determine & Select Recovery

Step 4

Schedule Integrate Therapeutic Coaching Consult: Roots™

Therapeutic Coaching program addresses the root systems involved with our struggles with life purpose, unhealthy relationships, goal attainment, addictive processes and depression & anxiety.


Step 5

Fill out and Submit Application
for Approval

Step 6

Begin Your Recovery Journey at
One of Harmony Haus Premiere Properties