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About Harmony Haus

At Harmony Haus, our mission is to provide the highest quality sober living homes in Austin, TX, for people transitioning from an addiction treatment program into a sober living environment. Our three locations, Hyde Park, Westlake Villagio, and Harmony Central Haus, are the platinum standard of sober living in Texas. These sober living homes are safe, comfortable, and spacious, making them the perfect environment for staying on the right track in recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about Harmony Haus and our accommodations, services, or team, reach out to us today by completing our online contact form or calling 877.349.1544. Our Harmony Haus team is ready to guide you through the admissions process and get you enrolled in our programs and services.

About Harmony Haus
Our guiding principle is creating a supportive sober community that is built upon respect, honesty, and encouragement. Harmony Haus is a safe space where mutual respect among members causes people to feel empowered to share openly and honestly about their emotions and experiences. We believe in the adage that a high tide raises all ships; in other words, an accomplishment in recovery for one of our members is a cause for celebration for the entire community. This unique approach to recovery creates bonds among our members, which increases accountability and positive peer pressure in our community. Also, there are many benefits of membership for all of the people in our community. Some of the perks of becoming a Harmony Haus member include:
  • 24-hour gym and fitness membership
  • Pool access
  • Maid service
  • Recovery meeting and self-care referral sources
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Comprehensive sober living services
Sober Living Services at Harmony Haus

Another reason that Harmony Haus is a leading recovery support provider in Austin, TX, is our comprehensive list of sober living services. Each member of our sober living community has different needs in recovery. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone has what they need to prepare for genuine, long-lasting recovery.

Our sober living services include:

  • Interventions
  •  Case management
  • Integrate Intensives trauma workshop
  • Sober recovery coaching
  • Sober transport and companion
  • Treatment planning and placement
  • Legal aid and reporting
  • Crisis care
  • LGBTQ+ support services
  • Financial coaching and family offices

The catalyst that makes these services so effective is our team of dedicated professionals. Harmony Haus is a place of healing and support, so each member is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Enthusiasm is contagious, so we create an atmosphere where each positive milestone in recovery is cause for celebration and reflection. The bottom line is that the programs and services at Harmony Haus are of superior quality, and we are the sober living partners that members from across the country turn to for their recovery needs.

Discover More Today About Harmony Haus
& Our Sober Living Homes

Harmony Haus uses an innovative approach to sober living that empowers our community to achieve recovery goals they might not have thought possible at one point in their lives. Our team creates an optimistic and enthusiastic environment where members from all walks of life can come together and find commonalities with their recovery journeys. This sense of community is at the heart of all of our programs and services. Contact Harmony Haus today if you or someone you care about is ready to reinforce the lessons learned in an addiction treatment program while living in sober living homes in Austin, TX. You’ll find that our programs and services are designed to set our members up for long-term success. Connect with our team today by calling 877.349.1544 or filling out our online contact form with your questions and information.