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Sober Living Services

a group works together in sober living servicesThe adjustment from an addiction treatment program into sober living can be challenging for some people, as increased independence can create more opportunities for relapse into old patterns of behavior. If you or someone you care about is transitioning from an addiction treatment program into sober living, consider Harmony Haus for sober living services in Austin, TX.

Our Harmony Haus team of dedicated professionals provides the highest quality sober living programs in Austin, TX, with equally exceptional comprehensive sober living services. We support our members from the first day of sober living by creating a long-term plan for maintaining recovery with our recovery coaches. When you reach out to our Harmony Haus team, you are choosing to take the skills that you learned in treatment and apply them to a more independent way of life. Contact us today by calling 877.349.1544 or filling out our online contact form, and our admissions specialists will answer any questions you might have about our sober living services.

Sober Living Services at Harmony Haus

No two people in sober living experience the same journey, so our Harmony Haus team provides an array of sober living services to fit the needs of each of our members. We recognize that no two people are the same, so our sober living services fit the needs of each member in our care.

Our sober living services in Austin, TX, include:

  • Interventions – Interventions might be necessary for loved ones who don’t realize how addiction has adversely affected their lives. We provide instruction and support for family members who want to help someone they care about break the cycle of addiction.
  • Case management – We have experienced recovery coaches on our team that work with our members to decide what would be the best plan for long-term recovery.
  • Trauma workshop – People often turn to drug or alcohol use to numb the pain from traumatic events in the past. Our trauma workshop equips people with the tools they need to begin to heal from trauma.
  • Sober recovery coaching – Part of our sober living community is our sober recovery coaches. These coaches provide support and encouragement for people in recovery to keep them motivated to stay on the right track.
  • Sober transport and companion – We provide sober transportation so that people can safely and comfortably travel to our Austin, TX, locations for addiction treatment.
  • Treatment planning and placement – Our team will work with you to determine which of our programs and services will be most beneficial for each member in our care.
  • Legal aid and reporting – Legal advice can be provided by our CEO, who is a family attorney with a wide range of knowledge about the legal system.
  • Crisis care – When someone is experiencing a crisis, our compassionate team provides support to help them get back on their feet again.
  • LGBTQ support services – Our Harmony Haus team is committed to providing support services for all of the people in our recovery community, including our LGBTQ+ members
  • Financial coaching and family offices -We provide financial coaching for our members so that they can maintain their businesses or income while receiving life-changing sober living services.
Choose Harmony Haus for Sober Living Services in Austin, TX
Our Harmony Haus team provides support for people during each step of their recovery journey. This includes when people transition from an addiction treatment program into sober living homes. We want to set our members up for success in their pursuit of recovery, so our sober living services provide a multifaceted approach to recovery. Contact our team today by calling 877.349.1544 or completing our convenient online form to learn more about how our sober living services can solidify the lessons learned in addiction treatment.