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LGBTQ Support Services

Several people discuss LGBTQ sober livingLGBTQ people may use drugs or alcohol to deal with stress, trauma, or a mental health disorder. Unfortunately, this drug and alcohol use can often turn into an addiction. However, with the support of LGBTQ support services that are specifically designed to help members of this community address and overcome addiction, recovery is possible. At Harmony Haus, we are proud to provide LGBTQ support services in Austin, TX, for people who are ready to transition into sober living homes. For more information about LGBTQ sober living services in Austin, TX, contact our Harmony Haus team today by calling 877.349.1544.

Addiction Statistics of the LGBTQ Community

The exact percentage of LGBTQ Americans who use drugs is unknown because not all data-gathering institutions ask questions about sexual orientation on their surveys. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Gay and bisexual men use methamphetamine at a rate seventy percent higher than other groups, including heterosexual women and men.
  • CDC research reveals that among past-year drinkers, 37% of self-identified gay or bisexual males reported heavy alcohol consumption, which is defined as two or more drinks per day, compared with just 13% of straight male respondents.
  • 43% of lesbians describe themselves as current drinkers, while 22% report binging behavior.
LGBTQ Support Services

LGBTQ individuals often face the same broad challenges as others when it comes to overcoming substance abuse and addiction, including the task of finding rehabilitation centers or sober living homes that offer LGBTQ-specific support tailored to their unique needs. These specific needs may include environments that are not only tolerant but actively affirming of their identity and experiences. In Austin, TX, Harmony Haus stands out by providing a nurturing and accepting environment where those identifying as LGBTQ can find the emotional support that is crucial during the recovery process from drug and alcohol addiction.

At our specialized LGBTQ sober living homes in Austin, TX, we are committed to creating a space free from judgment or intolerance. This commitment extends to all individuals seeking treatment with us, regardless of their age, race, gender identity, religion, or sexual orientation. Our community is designed to be supportive, fostering personal growth and healing through continuous interaction with other residents who are navigating similar journeys toward recovery.

Moreover, Harmony Haus recognizes the importance of addressing the complex interplay between LGBTQ identities and addiction recovery. We actively work to provide resources, therapies, and support structures that are cognizant of the unique stresses and societal pressures that may contribute to substance abuse within the LGBTQ community. By doing so, we strive to not only assist in recovery but also empower our residents to live authentically and confidently as they move forward in their sober lives.

Additional Services at Harmony Haus
Additional services at Harmony Haus include:
  • Interventions – Interventions might be necessary for loved ones who don’t realize how addiction has adversely affected their lives. We provide instruction and support for family members who want to help someone they care about break the cycle of addiction.
  • Case management – We have experienced recovery coaches on our team that work with our members to decide what would be the best plan for long-term recovery.
  • Trauma workshop – People often turn to drug or alcohol use to numb the pain from traumatic events in the past. Our trauma workshop equips people with the tools they need to begin to heal from trauma.
  • Sober recovery coaching – Part of our sober living community is our sober recovery coaches. These coaches provide support and encouragement for people in recovery to keep them motivated to stay on the right track.
  • Sober transport and companion – We provide sober transportation so that people can safely and comfortably travel to our Austin, TX, locations for addiction treatment.
  • Treatment planning and placement – Our team will work with you to determine which of our programs and services will be most beneficial for each member in our care.
  • Legal aid and reporting – Legal advice can be provided by our CEO, who is a family attorney with a wide range of knowledge about the legal system.
  • Crisis care – When someone is experiencing a crisis, our compassionate team provides support to help them get back on their feet again.
  • LGBTQ support services – Our Harmony Haus team is committed to providing support services for all of the people in our recovery community, including our LGBTQ+ members.
  • Financial coaching and family offices – We provide financial coaching for our members so that they can maintain their businesses or income while receiving life-changing sober living services.
Explore LGBTQ Support Services at Harmony Haus

At Harmony Haus, all of our clients are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve as they pursue recovery, which certainly extends to our clients who are part of the LGBTQ community. Reach out to our team to learn more about our LGBTQ support services by calling 877.349.1544 or using our online contact form.