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Urban Haus

Lifelong Growth
Harmony’s Urban Haus provides a high-level of structure and accountability, a rigorous phasing program including curfew, recovery meeting participation, work/education/volunteer commitment requirements, and recovery support services provided by Harmony Recovery Consulting. Harmony’s Urban Haus keeps members moving forward in sobriety and life.

Phased Recovery Program & Residence Amenities Include:

  • Located in Downtown East Austin on Oltorf Street
  • 6-Bedroom 6-Bath Duplex
  • Well Appointed Residence designed with a high degree of purpose and intended use
  • Recovery Support Services including Case-Management, Individualized Recovery Coaching and Life-Development Program Available.
  • Incentive Based Phased Program
  • Recovery Program Director Coordinates & Aligns with our Residents Recovery Support Services Providers
  • Universal Approach to Recovery – 12 Step, Smart Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, Refuge Recovery
  • Recovery Program Managers are Salaried Employees of HH and Oversee Phased Program of Structure and Accountability
  • Gold’s Gym Fitness Membership Included
  • Pool | Sauna | Hot Tub at Gold’s Gym
  • 15-Member Recovery Residence Facility
  • Integrative Approach to Recovery
  • Zero-Tolerance Substance Abuse Policy for Members NOT Able to Stay Sober or Participate in their Recovery Management Program
  • Weekly Substance Screening | No-Insurance Billing
  • Month-to-Month Membership
  • Licensed Rooming House Recovery Residence | City of Austin, TX
  • Member Waitlist