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Legal Aid and Reporting

a man works on legal support services for those in austin tx At Harmony Recovery Services, part of our comprehensive approach to sober living services includes legal support services. Whether you need legal aid services, family law services, or even prison sentence alternatives, our team of experienced professionals provides legal support services for our clients. Learn more about our legal support services from our Harmony Haus team today by calling 877.349.1544 or filling out our online contact form.

Why Use Harmony Recovery Services for Your Legal Matter?

Substance use disorders and mental health disorders frequently result in legal ramifications. These legal consequences manifest themselves in innumerable ways and many areas of the law, including:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Probate and trust matters
  • General civil litigation

Struggling with the complications that substance use disorder and mental health issues present, whether your own or the fallout from those of someone close to you, while navigating the legal system can be daunting for attorneys and clients alike.

Family Law

If you are struggling with substance use disorder, a mental health disorder, or have been affected by someone struggling with these issues and seek legal representation in a family law matter, Harmony Recovery Services can help. Our founder and CEO, Garrett C. Higley, is a licensed attorney with many years of experience representing individuals faced with these particular challenges in family law matters and today takes these types of cases exclusively. Garrett has constructed a superb legal team to provide outstanding legal representation for a family law matter involving substance use disorder and mental illness through the Law Office of Garrett C. Higley.

Case Management of Clients

We offer the full scope of our case management services but in the narrow context of an ongoing lawsuit. Harmony Recovery Services will take the burden off the lawyer and their office and apply our skill and expertise to support a client struggling with substance use disorder and mental illness in staying sober and stable. Our years of combined experience in the area of mental illness and substance use disorder not only make us highly effective and efficient in supporting impaired clients, but we also have the expertise and time that most law offices lack.

Case Management of Cases

At Harmony Recovery Services, our team will:

  • Subpoena and gather documents
  • Review and summarize medical, psychiatric, therapeutic, and treatment records
  • Interview potential witnesses, collaterals, and persons with relevant knowledge
  • Make treatment recommendations
  • Draft direct and cross-examinations for trial
  • Locate and secure experts appropriate for your case
  • Provide you with the most relevant research and data
  • Research relevant legal issues
  • Develop effective case strategy

We are your one-stop-shop consultants for any of your cases involving substance use and mental health disorders.

Expert Assistance in Your Litigation

Our team of professionals at Harmony Recovery Services are seasoned experts in the substance use disorder arena with countless hours in the courtroom and even more consulting with attorneys on the right experts to select, case strategy, the most persuasive way to utilize an expert, and on. When considering the best way to leverage the facts and theories in your case related to substance use disorders or other behavioral health matters, we are standing by to assist you and your counsel in making the kind of choices that will ensure a positive outcome.


In most jurisdictions in this country, settlement through mediation is a widely used tool to resolve lawsuits. Interestingly, mediation is required in many courts before the final trial to conserve the resources of the court, but more importantly, to give the litigants agency in their own lawsuit. Our Harmony Recovery Services co-founder, Garrett C. Higley, is available to mediate cases in any area of law anywhere in the nation that involves substance use disorder or other mental health issues. Garrett, a highly skilled litigator and seasoned mediator, is passionate about finding amicable solutions to conflict and brings his experience, both as an attorney and behavioral health professional, to bear with every mediation he conducts.

Explore Legal Support Services from Harmony Recovery Services
However substance use and mental health disorders have affected you, our Harmony Recovery Services team can help, especially when it comes to legal support services. Contact us today to learn more about how our legal support services can help you or someone you care about by reaching out to us online or calling 877.349.1544.