Our Mission is to Set The Platinum Standard for Sober Living Residences and Programs

Guy meditating under moonlightHarmony Haus has a vision: to provide leadership in Austin’s transitional living recovery residence industry through professionalism, integrity and attention to detail.

We achieve this through a focus on providing inspiring environments, amenities and services that foster a recovery community conducive to its members creating a purpose-driven life. Above all, we want to help our members achieve long-term sobriety, health and promise.


Our treatment program is based on a set of core principles and goals:

  • Creating an environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.
  • Establish a recovery management plan with all of our members.
  • Reduce post-treatment recidivism and relapse rate.
  • Assist and encourage working towards accomplishing life goals.
  • Link integrative addiction professionals to our members.
  • Enhance member’s self-esteem by providing living arrangements, amenities, and recovery resources they are proud of.
  • Meet members where they’re at with regards to their individualized program of recovery.

Now that you know a little bit about our mission, meet the team that makes it all possible. 

Meet the Founders

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Our Mission:
Provide leadership in Austin’s transitional sober living recovery residence industry through professionalism, integrity & attention-to-detail; fostering recovery communities conducive to members adding color + vibrancy back in their life, achieving long-term sobriety & life goals.
Our Vision:
Set the platinum standard for integrative transitional sober living recovery residences, with focus on providing inspiring environments, amenities, and services.