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3 Benefits from Getting Recovery Coaching

two men sitting down and discussing the benefits of recovery coaching

The recovery process continues long after treatment is over. A person must continue working towards sobriety and decide to stay in recovery. Leaving treatment and returning to everyday life can be a difficult transition. There are a lot of adjustments and lifestyle changes to make. Returning to daily life can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make the process easier. Recovery coaching is available at Harmony Haus in Austin, Texas, to help members maintain long-term recovery.

What Is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching helps guide members toward a stable and fulfilling life. Members receive help with many aspects of substance abuse treatment, including methods for relapse prevention. The risk of relapse is higher during the transition period between treatment and returning to everyday life. People face new challenges and environments outside the treatment facility to which they need to know how to adjust. These adjustments can be difficult, but recovery coaching can prepare members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle free of substances. During recovery coaching, a member and their coach work together to ensure they are ready for life after treatment.

3 Benefits from Getting Recovery Coaching

1. Making a Smooth Transition from Treatment to Normal Life

Leaving treatment can be scary or overwhelming. People may have many concerns about returning to everyday life outside of a rehab facility. Recovery coaching can help guide members through these concerns and make the transition easier.

Recovery coaching can offer support with:

  • Setting life goals and creating a plan to achieve them
  • Achieving financial security and independence
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Decision making
  • Finding a new job

Receiving proper support during and after the initial stages of treatment is crucial for maintaining long-term sobriety. Recovery coaching can help members adjust to the real world and maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle.

2. Holding Yourself Accountable for Your Recovery

Accountability is critical for lifelong recovery. Becoming and remaining sober is ultimately up to you. Recovery coaching provides an opportunity for you to receive guidance and support. Meeting a recovery coach and working towards personal goals can help you hold yourself accountable for your recovery journey. Recovery coaching can be essential for ensuring that you make healthy decisions and avoid doing things that could put your recovery at risk. Staying sober is not always easy, but recovery coaching can help you feel confident and responsible for lifelong recovery.

3. Develop Tools and Skills to Maintain Sobriety

There are different obstacles and challenges people may face once treatment is complete. Some of these challenges include:

  • Substance abuse triggers
  • Feelings of fear
  • Financial insecurity
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Professional challenges
  • A lack of independence

Encountering these challenges can put a person’s recovery at risk. During early recovery, it is important for people to feel prepared to handle and overcome these obstacles. Stressful situations can cause a person to relapse if they cannot deal with them appropriately. Recovery coaching helps members acquire healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and potential triggers. Tools and skills such as stress management, effective communication, and mindfulness can prepare members to take on lifelong sobriety.

Recovery Coaching at Harmony Haus in Austin, Texas

Going through treatment and recovery can be challenging. Addiction has many physical and mental impacts on a person. The transition out of treatment can be challenging for people as well. At Harmony Haus, we provide quality care for each of our members. We allow our members to implement individualized recovery management practices into their daily routines. We provide many recovery support services, including recovery coaching, to help our members confidently get back to their lives and move forward with life goals in a healthy and positive way.

Contact Harmony Haus today at 877.349.1544 to learn more about our programs and services.