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Crisis Management for Women in Austin, Texas

a person holding hands with a woman consoling her during crisis management

The path to recovery is not easy. Members can face different challenges when transitioning from the early stages of addiction treatment to sober living. Sobriety is a continuous choice and lifelong process that takes work and dedication. Sometimes an unexpected event or crisis can happen to you, putting your recovery at risk. During these moments, a member may need extra attention and guidance to maintain sobriety and well-being.

Women in recovery may experience specific crises related to their gender or roles. At Harmony Haus in Austin, Texas, we provide many sober living services to help our female members achieve their sobriety goals. Crisis management is one of the services we offer members to help members on their path to sobriety.

What Is Crisis Management?

A crisis is a significant short-term change in a person’s mental health or emotional state. Individuals can experience drastic changes in their thoughts, moods, and behavior. When a person is experiencing a mental health crisis, they may have difficulty coping and not be able to take care of themselves properly. During a crisis, a person is likely to experience feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, which can put their recovery at risk. Some examples of a crisis a person may experience are a change in a relationship, loss of a loved one, or job loss.

So, what is crisis management? Crisis management helps those in recovery stay safe and sober when they experience a crisis. People can have trouble taking care of themselves, and their feelings of helplessness can increase the urge to use substances. Crisis management provides individuals with the support they need to overcome a crisis and maintain their recovery. Everyone has a different experience with addiction and how they can manage a problem, so their crisis care services should be individualized. Crisis management helps a person in recovery overcome a problem but also helps them find healthy ways to cope with a crisis in the future.

Crisis Management for Women

Men and women have different experiences and circumstances regarding addiction and recovery. Women face certain societal expectations that men are less likely to experience, making the recovery process more complicated. For example, a woman’s role as a mother and caregiver can impact their recovery journey and the services they may need. Women may also face or be more likely to experience specific crises than men. These can include a crisis involving pregnancy, childcare, or domestic violence. Crisis management for women can help them through the particular situations they may face and ensure they maintain sobriety.

During crisis management, members can receive crisis care services such as mental health counseling and emotional support that help them develop healthy coping skills. This is important for learning how to maintain sobriety in the long term and deal with crises in the future. Women can learn what behaviors and coping techniques work for them to incorporate into their new sober lifestyle. A crisis can happen at any time and be triggered by various events, so learning how to manage them is essential for successful recovery. Crisis management can help you stay sober and prevent future relapses.

Crisis Management for Women at Harmony Haus

At Harmony Haus in Austin, Texas, we aim to help each member build a solid foundation to maintain lifelong sobriety. Crisis management can benefit each of our members and support women through the unique crises they may experience. We provide many sober living services such as:

  • Intervention
  • Care management and recovery coaching
  • Sober transport
  • Sober companion
  • Legal aid
  • Treatment planning and placement
  • Financial coaching and family offices
  • Residential (sober living house)
  • Integrate intensives admissions
  • LGBTQ support

Contact Harmony Haus today at 877.349.1544 to learn more about crisis management and our many services.