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Finding a Sponsor and Sponsees in AA

Many recovering addicts choose to attend AA meetings as part of their overall recovery program. There are many AA meetings in Austin, TX, where Harmony Haus Sober Living is located, and they are full of wonderful people who can support you and help you along your sober journey! One of the main tenets of AA is working with a “sponsor” and having “sponsees” who you in turn “sponsor.” The relationship of a sponsor to a sponsee is one of mentorship and guidance; the sponsor helps the sponsee work through the AA steps and is there to offer support and guidance. In early recovery with AA, you will work regularly with your sponsor to complete the 12 steps and navigate the common pitfalls associated with getting sober. And then, later, you will “pass it forward” by working with sponsees yourself after you have completed the 12 steps.

How does one go about finding a sponsor? First of all, almost all newcomers find their sponsors at AA meetings. It is important to being attending AA meetings, even if it seems scary or embarrassing at first. AA is a wonderful program that has been around for decades, and the people you meet there are likely just like you–and friendly and willing to help and be your friend. Many addicts describe feeling nervous and fearful before their first AA meeting but, upon entering, have a feeling of “coming home” to people who understand them. And they are filled with a new sense of hope.

If you like a story or something else that someone in a meeting shared, it might be good to approach them after the meeting and chat with them. At the very least, you’ll probably make a new friend. If they’re a person with significantly more sober time than you, and seem to have a good grasp on the AA program and a happy, free, joyous life that you would like to have, see if they are available to sponsor you. It can be as easy as asking “Will you sponsor me?” And if they can’t, no harm done. But it’s likely they will be able to sponsor you or will be able to point you in the right direction to someone who might be able to–after all, sponsoring is part of their own program (the 12th step). Be brave; having a sponsor is extremely important from Day 1 in AA, and it is often something that newcomers put off because they are nervous around others and unsure.

Later, after you have completed the 12 steps, it will be time to look for sponsees. At meetings, make sure to approach newcomers–they’ll seem as timid as you were at your first meeting! Make them feel welcome and, if you want, offer to be their sponsor. Some meetings will have people willing to be sponsors raise their hands at the end of the meeting. Make sure to raise yours! And, finally, ask around the recovery community and among your sober friends to send out lines to see if there is anyone who knows someone looking for a sponsee. It is often harder to find a sponsee than a sponsor, but don’t give up.

Harmony Haus is a men’s sober living (or sober center) in Austin, TX, that can provide you with the support and connection you need in early recovery. You will be surrounded by people at all stages of recovery and you will have an advantage in being hooked up with a sponsor or sponsees from early on. Harmony Haus has locations in both Westlake and Hyde Park, in Austin, Texas, and we’d love to meet you!