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The Benefits of Having a Sober Coach

In AA, one of the important traditions is for “sponsors” (members with lengthy sobriety and experience in the AA program) to take “sponsees” (newcomers) under their wing and help them through the Twelve Steps and offer them advice. We often hear members of Alcoholics Anonymous telling each other that they should “talk to their sponsor” about a problem. Having a kind of sobriety mentor in the form of a sponsor is a wonderful way to increase the level of accountability, support, and guidance in the life of a newly recovered addict or alcoholic. 

Getting advice and guidance from alcoholics with a proven track record of solid recovery is imperative. We can talk to them about their own experiences with rebuilding their lives (getting a job, navigating social relationships, and making amends to others, among other things) and maintaining sobriety throughout the years and the ups-and-downs of life. Working with a sponsor helps us feel less alone and like someone always has our back.

And, if you’re in AA or not, a kind of “professional sponsor” we can have is a sober coach. There is a large industry of sober coaches these days. Many are licensed interventionists who also take on clients who are now sober and out of rehab. Others are licensed therapists. And some are business professionals or young people who are leading thriving lives, with years of sobriety under their belt, who want to give back to others and make sobriety part of their livelihood. Sober coaches move beyond the standard AA canon and are deeply knowledgeable about the entire constellation of needs that sober people have–ranging from therapy and trauma work to dealing with cross addictions and romance and sex in recovery. A sober coach takes a more secular approach, while still usually supporting clients in the spiritual and moral work inherent to AA. Their services can be expensive but are well worth it. Again, they add accountability and guidance to our recovery and also are knowledgeable and experienced people to bounce ideas off of or to ask questions about any areas of our life. 

Harmony Haus, one of the best sober livings in Texas, located in Austin, is plugged into a network of professional recovery specialists (including doctors, therapists, sober coaches, and others). We can provide you with referrals to the best sober coaches in the state and, indeed, in the nation. Many of our clients and the peers you are living with may be working with the same sober coach and can recommend them to you or tell you about their experiences with hiring a sober coach. Being at a sober living like Harmony Haus really helps you gain access to the entire recovery community in the region. Beyond sober coaches, you’ll enjoy having friends and peers offering to go to AA meetings with you or telling you about their experiences using therapists and psychiatrists to help with their recovery. There are many, many sober coaches and it can be hard to choose from all of them, so having a solid list of highly recommended ones from your house manager or peers is very helpful. 

So come try Harmony Haus, a sober center in Austin, Texas, with locations in Westlake and Hyde Park. Contact one of our Admission Experts today to schedule a tour by calling (512) 387-2978 or by visiting us at