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5 Signs It’s Time for an Intervention

three people sit and one person is crying as another person standing comforts them and discusses the signs its time for an intervention

Having a loved one suffering from addiction is never an easy task. You may feel helpless and hopeless, without where to start or what to do. One option you can consider is intervening. Interventions are a great way of showing someone with an addiction that they are not alone and that people care about them.

At Harmony Haus, we offer interventions and can help identify the signs it’s time for an intervention, hold the intervention, and guide you through the process. With proper help, interventions can make a huge difference in an individual’s life and bring hope for a better future. Call our team today at 877.349.1544 to better understand the signs it’s time for an intervention

5 Signs Someone Needs an Intervention

If you’re unsure whether to intervene or not, here are five signs it’s time for an intervention:

  1. Addiction has become life-threatening
  2. They continue using drugs and alcohol despite the negative consequences
  3. They have lost interest in hobbies and passions
  4. They’re constantly secretive and lying
  5. Their drug or alcohol use is affecting their family and friends negatively

These five signs can indicate it might be time for an intervention. Interventions can also bring together family and friends to support someone in need. If you think your loved one is dealing with addiction, contact Harmony Haus today for help and guidance. Our team has years of experience dealing with interventions, and we’re here to help.

Benefits of an Intervention for Addiction

Interventions for addiction offer numerous benefits. They can serve as a lifeline for those entangled in the destructive effects of substance abuse. Additionally, they can bring the severity of the addiction issue to light in a non-threatening, supportive environment.

Here are some key benefits of an intervention:

  • Awareness Interventions help individuals recognize the extent of their problem, revealing the impact of their addiction on their lives and those around them.
  • Support network – They illustrate the amount of support available to the individual, showing them they are not alone in their struggle.
  • Encouragement to seek help – They often catalyze the person to seek professional help and treatment.
  • Improved family relationships – Interventions offer a platform for open dialogue, often leading to improved communication and stronger relationships among family members.
  • Life transformation – Ultimately, interventions can pave the way for a complete life transformation, helping people break free from addiction and move towards a substance-free life.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to helping your loved one get the treatment they need and deserve.

When Is It Time for an Intervention?

Deciding when it’s the right time for an intervention can be challenging. It’s often best to initiate an intervention when the signs of addiction become evident and start negatively impacting the individual’s life. These signs may include increased neglect of responsibilities, strained relationships, and decreased physical and mental health.

If your loved one appears out of control, frequently lying about their substance use, or experiencing drastic mood swings, it may indicate it’s time for an intervention. It’s crucial to act promptly, as early intervention can prevent the situation from worsening and increase the chances of recovery.

Call Harmony Haus for Help Setting Up an Intervention

Addiction is a serious issue that needs a supportive and caring group to help navigate the road to recovery. Interventions are a powerful tool. This step can help someone struggling with addiction realize the impact of their actions and get the help they need. If you’re worried about someone, contact Harmony Haus today. Our team of experienced addiction specialists can help support you and your loved one through the intervention process.

We understand how difficult it can be to initiate an intervention, but with our help, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Call us now at 877.349.1544 and speak to a specialist about setting up an intervention for a loved one.