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Financial Coaching Help for My Loved Ones And I

a male therapist talks with an adult woman patient about financial coaching

Battling addiction can significantly affect your health and other areas of your life. Before and after seeking treatment, individuals can find themselves facing financial struggles. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and how to solve money issues. Someone may have lost their job while struggling with addiction or had to take time off to receive treatment. Regardless of the situation, help is available.

We offer financial coaching services at Harmony Haus to help members learn how to manage their finances. If you live in or around Austin, TX, and are looking for financial coaching near you, consider Harmony Haus. Contact us at 877.349.1544 to learn more.

What Is Financial Coaching?

So, what is financial coaching? Through our financial coaching services, members meet with a financial coach to review their financial situation and learn ways to improve it. Individuals receive education about money and effective practices. They are also counseled on their specific financial circumstances and concerns. We work with our members to plan their financial future properly.

Some of the things our members learn through financial coaching are:

  • Developing saving strategies
  • Tips to reduce financial stress
  • Increasing income
  • Saving on taxes
  • Creating a debt repayment plan
  • Managing credit card debt
  • Plan for investments
  • Avoiding financial scams
  • How to build an emergency fund
  • Balancing your needs with your goals

Our financial coaching services help members in recovery better understand their spending habits and create a plan for them to control their future financial situation. Addiction can wreak havoc on your life, but our sober living services support members as they work towards building a solid foundation for a lifetime of sobriety.

Understanding the Benefits of Financial Coaching

Adapting to a new sober lifestyle can be stressful and present new challenges. Financial problems will only make these issues worse. Regardless of how you find yourself facing money problems, a financial coach can offer you the education and guidance you need to turn your situation around. There are many benefits to receiving financial coaching and gaining a better handle on your money.

Some of the benefits of seeking financial coaching are:

  • Learning about and developing good money habits
  • Identifying your goals and appropriate tactics to reach them
  • Receiving help with budgeting
  • Reducing financial stress
  • Making a for your financial future
  • Building confidence in your ability to manage money

Our financial coaching services provide members with a personalized approach to financial planning. Whether it is working towards achieving long-term financial goals or managing day-to-day expenses, we can offer individuals in recovery the support they need. In addition to financial coaching services, Harmony Haus offers many sober living services to help members achieve their goals for a lifetime of sobriety.

Below are some of the additional programs and services we offer:

  • Case management and recovery coaching
  • Crisis care
  • Integrate intensives trauma workshop
  • Legal aid
  • LGBTQ support
  • Sober living house
  • Sober companion
  • Sober transport
  • Treatment planning and placement

Learning to manage finances can be an essential part of maintaining lasting sobriety. Easing financial stress and issues can lower the risk of relapse or other unhealthy habits. Don’t wait to reach out to Harmony Haus for financial coaching services.

Call Harmony Haus for Help Finding Financial Coaching Near You

For those seeking financial coaching nearby, our Austin, TX facility can offer individuals in recovery high-quality guidance and support. We equip members with the resources, skills, and mindset to manage their finances and establish a lasting foundation for financial freedom. Our financial coaching services can offer individuals the support and education they need to change their financial habits positively. To learn more about financial coaching and our many services, contact Harmony Haus at 877.349.1544.