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How to Stage an Intervention for a Loved One


Did you know that there are addiction intervention services that can help you stage an intervention if you don’t know how to organize one or what to do? It can be challenging to help a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder. Sometimes, a direct and heart-to-heart conversation can open their minds and have them consider getting professional help. But it’s often not that easy. Many people struggling with addiction not only hide their addictive behaviors but also refuse to acknowledge they have a problem that needs formal treatment. In cases like this, a more focused and structured approach may be needed when planning an intervention comes into play.

An intervention presents your loved one with an opportunity to make changes before things get even worse, and it can motivate them to seek or accept professional help. If you’re looking for addiction intervention services in Austin, TX, contact Harmony Haus Sober Living today. Call 877.349.1544 or reach out to our team online.

What Is an Addiction Intervention?

Before you learn how to stage an intervention, it helps to understand exactly what an addiction intervention is. It’s a carefully planned process that can be done by family and close friends of a person struggling with a substance use disorder. An addiction intervention may sometimes involve a member of your loved one’s faith.

However, consultation with a professional, such as a licensed addiction counselor, must be part of the process. In some cases, it may be better for the intervention to be directed by an intervention professional, sometimes called an interventionist.

During the intervention, these people involved gather together to confront the loved one about the consequences of addiction and ask them to consider or accept addiction treatment.

An addiction intervention should:

  • Provide specific examples of destructive behaviors and their impact on your loved one struggling with addiction, as well as on their family and friends
  • Offer a prearranged addiction treatment plan with clear steps, goals, and guidelines
  • Spell out what each involved person will do if your loved one refuses to consider or accept addiction treatment

How Do You Stage an Intervention for a Loved One?

To stage an intervention, the steps include:

  • Make an outline of an intervention plan – When a family member or close friend proposes an intervention, the first thing to do is to form a planning group and then make an outline to follow when organizing the intervention for your loved one.
  • Gather information – Each member of the group should understand the extent of your loved one’s addiction program and research possible causes of the addiction and the addiction treatment programs that fit your loved one’s needs.
  • Form the intervention team – The intervention team is comprised of people who want to personally participate in the intervention, and not just work behind the scenes.
  • Make notes about what to say – Each team member should describe specific incidents when the addiction caused problems, such as emotional pain or financial issues.
  • Follow up – Following up after the intervention ensures that the loved one in treatment is following through with their recovery goals.

What Are Addiction Intervention Services?

These services make it easy for the family and close friends of people struggling with addiction to plan interventions that are effective. An addiction professional will take into account your loved one’s particular circumstances, suggest the best approach, and help guide people involved in finding an addiction treatment program that fits their loved one’s needs.

It may be especially important to have an addiction professional attend the intervention to help you stay on track if your loved one has

  • A history of mental health disorders or violent behavior
  • Recently talked about suicide or has shown suicidal behavior
  • Been taking mood-altering substances

Learn About the Addiction Intervention Services at Harmony Haus

Are you searching for addiction intervention services in Austin, TX? Contact Harmony Haus Sober Living today by calling 877.349.1544 or reaching out to our team online for more information about addiction intervention services.