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What Is Recovery Coaching?

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At Harmony Haus in Austin, TX, we look to set the highest standard for integrative transitional sober living recovery residences. We create a safe environment for our members that is inspiring and recovery centered. Our sober living residences foster a substance-free climate that promotes structure and accountability—our many robust sober living services aim at helping our members achieve their long-term sobriety goals.

Recovery is a challenging process that comes with many ups and downs. Each person’s individual experience with addiction informs their recovery journey. Not everyone will benefit from the same recovery program and combination of services. At Harmony Haus, we provide many sober living services to meet each member’s specific needs. This includes case management and recovery coaching to help members stay on track in their recovery. Call Harmony Haus at 877.349.1544 for more information on recovery coaching.

What Is Recovery Coaching?

If you are unfamiliar with the different sober living services, you may ask yourself, “What is recovery coaching?” Recovery coaching is a sober living service designed to help members with many aspects of recovery. Some ways recovery coaching assists individuals during recovery include providing methods for relapse prevention, identifying helpful resources such as support groups, and identifying triggers. During recovery coaching, members receive support and encouragement as they go through recovery in sober living.

Members will also plan their life and sobriety goals with their recovery coach and develop a plan to achieve them. Some recovery goals may include improving mental health, getting a new job, or developing healthier relationships. As an individual makes strides in their recovery, their goals may evolve. Recovery coaching helps members through the changes they may experience in their life and recovery journey. Working through the early stages of recovery with a recovery coach can help ease the transition out of treatment. Through recovery coaching, members can develop the confidence they need to take on a new sober lifestyle.

Who Needs Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching helps members build a solid foundation to maintain lasting recovery. Because of this, there are many benefits, and it can help many members. The road to recovery is challenging, but sober living services like recovery coaching can make the process easier and less intimidating. The benefits of recovery coaching are:

  • Making a smoother transition out of addiction treatment into recovery
  • Creating a customized plan to meet your needs and recovery goals
  • Being held accountable for your behavior and actions
  • Developing healthy coping skills and strategies to face challenges and hardships
  • Decreasing the risk of relapse

These are significant as the risk of relapse is high during the transition phase from treatment to recovery. Identifying the triggers that can lead you to fall back into bad habits is critical for successful sobriety. Developing healthy and positive coping strategies to deal with these triggers or other stressors is vital for adapting to a new lifestyle and avoiding temptation. Meeting with a recovery coach gives members an additional resource and support person they can go to during recovery. During recovery coaching, members also learn to hold themselves accountable and remain motivated to achieve their life and sobriety goals.

Case Management and Recovery Coaching at Harmony Haus

At Harmony Haus in Austin, TX, our programs are designed to meet our member’s needs, wherever they are in their recovery journey. Our variety of sober living services is available to help members develop the tools and skills they need to live a healthy life free of substances.

Recovery coaching is an integral part of our program. Our coaches work with members to develop individualized recovery plans. Coaches also provide accountability and support and help members identify and overcome obstacles to recovery. If you are still wondering, “What is recovery coaching?” contact Harmony Haus at 877.349.1544 to learn more.